Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day 1-3 - London & Paris

So to recap... (More for my mom's sake because she doesn't have Facebook):

Day 1 - London

We arrived safe and sound! The plane ride was so smooth and the landing impeccable! Thank God! I do not handle turbulence well. But the view of Greenland at sunrise is absolutely stunning.

We visited Trafalgar Square and Convent Garden today.

Day 2 - London

One of my students lost his passport, so I had to accompany him to the Canadian Embassy. We left our group, who went to see Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace. But, thank God, when we arrived at the Embassy, we were told that the passport was found! We traveled back to the airport where it was held at the Air Canada counter. Since it was too late to rejoin our tour, my student and I did a little sightseeing ourselves. We saw Big Ben and the Parliament buildings, which our tour group only saw from the sightseeing bus, so we were fortunate enough to get up close and walked around.

We joined our school group for a classic fish and chips dinner. Then we all split up: half of us did a Jack the Ripper tour and the other half was a Harry Potter tour.

Day 3 - Paris

This was a very busy day! We took the train from London to Paris (about 2 hours) and then we visited Notre Dame. After dinner, we explored Montmartre Hill.

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